Wejoy Better Slim REVIEW: Read This Before Buying

wejoy better slim

This review is for a supplement called Wejoy Better Slim.

This supplement is manufactured by Wejoy Health, the same company that produces Wejoy Balance, a menopause supplement. (I wrote a review about it awhile back)

Because I was a customer of Wejoy Health, I received an email from them when they released their new weight loss Probiotic supplement, Wejoy Better Slim.

I'm generally not a fan of weight loss pills as most of them don't work, but considering how much I love Wejoy Balance, I decided to give this product a try!

In this review, I’ll share all the important things you should know about this new weight loss product from Wejoy Health.

What is Wejoy Better Slim?

Wejoy Better Slim is an all-natural thermogenic Probiotic supplement.
It uses scientifically studied ingredients to help with weight loss, cravings and bloating.

The product claims to be designed to increase the body's ability to burn calories, improve digestion to reduce stomach bloating, and suppresses appetite to help prevent gaining more weight.

Here’s the ingredient list:

wejoy better slim benefits

They have chosen 2 strains of probiotics as the main ingredients to specifically increase the Estrobolome level in the body.

They also add in natural ingredients are 100% natural, safe and are scientifically backed to help with bloating, weight loss and unwanted cravings.

How does Wejoy Better Slim work?

Wejoy Health explains that the main reason why women above 40s are experiencing bloating, weight gain and cravings more frequently is due to changes in the gut.

Because as women age, the way our body stores fat and digests food is different.
And this is MAINLY due to the decline in Estrobolome level in our gut.

Low Estrobolome is the key factor behind:
- Uncontrollable weight gain

- Unwanted cravings

- Excessive gas in the stomach

This is also why most women find it challenging to lose weight…
Despite eating and exercising the same way as they did in their 30s.

By using a proprietary blend of thermogenic probiotics and natural ingredients, Wejoy Better Slim helps to create the ideal environment in the gut to produce the optimal level of Estrobolome.

Which explains why Wejoy Better Slim is able to help:

#1: Slows down the body's fat production process.
#2: Prevents excessive gas buildup in the gut.
#3: Eliminates unhealthy food cravings which cause stubborn belly fat
#4: Boosts metabolism
#5: Relieves constipation

Wejoy Better Slim is a daily supplement designed to be taken regularly and long-term to maintain healthy weight and digestion.

While it claims to do a lot of things that would lead to successful weight loss process, it is not a magical pill that melts away your body's stored fat at a flick of a switch.

Does This Product really work?

I appreciate the fact that Wejoy Better Slim didn't make any claims that your menopause symptoms would be gone overnight.

However, based on the results I’ve seen, it does help in providing relief for bloating and cravings. At the same time, I also managed to lose 6 pounds after taking it for 2 weeks.

The reviews on their website also indicates that there are many customers seeing results too.

Is This Product Right For You?

If you are above the age of 40 and experiencing weight gain & uncomfortable bloating often, then this is a perfect product for you.

And unlike most weight loss products that contains caffeine, this product doesn't includes any stimulants such as caffeine.

What are the side effects of this product?

Wejoy Health states that Wejoy Better Slim doesn’t cause any side effects that they know of, and it has been tested as safe for consumption.

Personally for me, I didn't experience any side effects after taking it for 2 months too.

However, If you are taking any prescription medications or receiving treatment for a disease, you should consult your doctor before taking any supplement.

To prevent stomach upset and nauseous, it’s generally advised to take Wejoy Better Slim with food in the morning.

Is Wejoy Better Slim a scam?

No, Wejoy Better Slim is certainly not a scam, as they are transparent about their ingredients and the studies backing them.

It doesn’t include any ingredients that may cause harmful side-effects.

Wejoy Health doesn’t make any grand promises or far-fetched claims and seem to follow ethical business practices.

Final Review Verdict:
Is Wejoy Better Slim Worth It?

Our review of this thermogenic probiotic supplement shows that it contains an effective blend of probiotics and natural ingredients to help you lose weight, eliminate bloating and curb cravings.

And the clinically safe & natural ingredients are less likely to cause any side effects as well.

I lost 6 pounds within the first two weeks of using this product without exercising more or trying any new diets. It definitely curbs your appetite yet does not make you feel jittery.

In addition, there's a money-back guarantee when you purchase Wejoy Better Slim from their website.
Which is reassuring and gives me the confidence to continue taking the products.

I hope you enjoy my Wejoy Better Slim review.

For more information about Wejoy Better Slim, please head over to Wejoy Health official website.

By the way, I noticed that you can save more when you purchased their bundle deal.

It consists of their flagship product Wejoy Balance, Wejoy Better Slim and Wejoy Active (a supplement that pairs perfectly with Wejoy Balance for overall health support)

I feel this is a better option if you are looking for a complete menopause solution.
Here's the link to the bundle

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