Wejoy Balance REVIEW: Read This Before Buying

What is Wejoy Balance?

This review is for a supplement called Wejoy Balance

A supplement that is made by Wejoy Health, a health company that sells a series of supplements that focuses on women’s health.

Wejoy Balance is a menopause supplement in capsule form, available in 60-capsule bottles (30-day supply).

It is a formulation of natural plant-based ingredients to reduce hot flashes, improve sleep, shed stubborn belly fat and many menopause related symptoms.

The company explains that Wejoy Balance is different from other menopause supplements because they target the 2 root causes of menopause symptoms Estrogen & Cortisol levels.

Here’s the ingredient list:

They have chosen adaptogens and phytoestrogens as the main ingredients to specifically regulate Estrogen & Cortisol levels. The ingredients are 100% natural, hormone-free and are scientifically backed to relieve menopause symptoms.

How does Wejoy Balance work?

Wejoy Health explains that the main reason for unwanted menopause symptoms is due to the imbalance of hormone levels, specifically Estrogen & Cortisol level.

By using a proprietary blend of natural herbs, Wejoy Balance is able to regulate the 2 hormone levels.

Which explains why Wejoy Balance is able to help:

#1: Reduce hot flashes & night sweats
#2: Support healthy weight management
#3: Regulate sleep quality & mood
#4: Relieve stress & anxiety
#5: Improve memory
#6: Curb cravings
#7: Improve energy
#8: Support healthy joints
#9: Boost metabolism

Wejoy Balance is a daily supplement designed to be taken regularly and long-term to maintain healthy Estrogen & Cortisol levels.

It’s not an instant fix and is designed to work progressively as the body readjust to the ideal hormone level.

Does Wejoy Balance help to alleviate menopause symptoms?

I appreciate the fact that Wejoy Balance didn't make any claims that your menopause symptoms would be gone overnight.

However, based on the results I’ve seen, it does help in providing relief and reduces the frequency of hot flashes.

It's also known to alleviate symptoms like insomnia, uncontrollable weight gain and mood swings.

Is It Suitable for Perimenopause?

Yes. Wejoy Balance is safe for women that go through early menopause.

As the core reasons for perimenopause symptoms are also due to the imbalance of Estrogen and Cortisol levels, Wejoy Balance is recommended to ease the symptoms.

What are the side effects of Wejoy Balance?

Wejoy Health states that Wejoy Balance doesn’t cause any side effects that they know of, and it has been tested as safe for consumption.

However, If you are taking any prescription medications or receiving treatment for a disease, such as chemotherapy for cancer, you should consult your doctor before taking any herbal supplement.

To prevent stomach upset and nauseous, it’s generally advised to take Wejoy Balance with food in the morning.

Is Wejoy Balance a scam?

No, Wejoy Balance is certainly not a scam, as they are transparent about their ingredients and the studies backing them.

It doesn’t include any ingredients that may cause harmful side-effects.

Wejoy Health doesn’t make any grand promises or far-fetched claims and seem to follow ethical business practices.

Final Review Verdict:
Is Wejoy Balance Worth It?

If you are experiencing common symptoms of menopause, such as hot flashes, insomnia or weight gain, Wejoy Balance could be a great choice to help ease your symptoms.

The great thing is Wejoy Balance does not contain any hormones and is not known to interact with any medications.

So, if you are taking Estrogen or bio-identical cream currently, you can rest assured that Wejoy Balance will not conflict with them.

I hope you enjoy my Wejoy Balance review.

For more information about Wejoy Balance, please head over to Wejoy Health official website.

By Annette Mackenzie

wejoy balance review

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